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For Future Reference

If you are writing something and you consider, at any moment, that a great line in it would be “his erection was knocking on the ceiling of his pants”, please take my advice:

Don’t. Don’t do that.

On a related note, fiction workshops are a hell of a thing.

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So I’m pretty sure bombing an exam in a class you despise isn’t the worst feeling you can have in the academic world, but damn does it feel that way right now.

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here we are kids

it’s finally over

Not gonna lie, I had thought it had shut down quite a while ago. This week is apparently Nostalgia Week, I guess.

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Tezuka started 40 years ago. He wants to continue for another 40 years, until he is 100.
Sousaku No Himitsu,” filmed four years before Osamu Tezuka’s death in 1989. (via morbi)
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Opening act Max Frost isnt bad. Funky and fun.

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Getting ready to see Fitz and the Tantrums with thespeedoofsolomon!

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Remembering Spooky Mingus

See, what you don’t know is that Spooky changed everything. Folks’ll talk about how great his daddy was, and I’m not knocking him. God never made a better bassist than Charles, and I’ll fight a motherfucker who says otherwise. I’ve done it, too.

But Spooky? Spooky was something else, man. Spooky started it all. When Spooky walks in a club, when he’s got that hungry look in his eye, you know shit’s going down.

You wanna know who turned Bob Marley on to the Rastas? Spooky. Who got the Ramones their first gig? Spooky. Who told Martin Gore to, and I’m quoting direct here, “put some synths all over that shit?” Better believe it was Spooky.

We didn’t call him Spooky for nothing, either. Man claimed he kept Janis Joplin’s skull by his bed, and that she’d whisper to him while he slept. Always wanted to show us too, but I don’t do that devil crap. Always felt like there was some kind of candle mass going on in his place. Kurt said he looked like the devil at the crossroads, and I think Spooky liked it that way.

Spooky played piano, said his dad would have wanted him to. We didn’t talk about family much. We didn’t talk much at all. Most times we met, he played piano and I did trumpet. And we’d just play for hours and hours, just me, Spooky, and the candles.

They cleared ‘em out the other day, the candles, ‘fore you moved in. Man lived in the same apartment for damn near 30 years and they clean out his place like it was nothing.

I’ll tell you though, his place cleans up real nice. I didn’t even know there was wallpaper, don’t know if you added that.
But yeah. Just take this candle. Call it a “housewarming gift” or some shit. You don’t gotta keep it on all the time. Just light it once, for Spooky.

And if you or your lady friend hear whispering, don’t get shocked. That devil crap always hangs around. Betcha it won’t just be Janis, either. Fuckin’ Spooky.

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Oh jeez, I’ve been tagged in so many post meme things. I didn’t even realize.

Uh. I’ll get to those probably tomorrow. Tonight I go to sleep to the sounds of my frustration with surprise papers and late club meetings eating into my writing schedule. I don’t know if I can take a whole semester of this.

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Storytellers Guide?  I think you mean


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now you can turn up in the most aesthetically pleasing of ways